Procesadora del Río S.A.

"We pack shrimp with excellence & quality."

Historical review

The company PROCESADORA DEL RÍO S.A was founded on February 17, 1978. The plant facilities were built with the purpose of receiving shrimp fishing from different shrimp farms to process and export a product that is a guarantee of quality and freshness.

During the last years Procesadora del Río S.A has grown in its shrimp exports with presentations such as HEAD ON, SHELL ON, VALOR AGREGADO (PYD, BTF, KABOBS, EZ-PEEL, COOKED, etc.), btaining good results and allowing improvements are made to our infrastructure to grow in volume and quality.

Procesadora del Río S.A maintains a range of exclusive clients in Europe, Asia, the United States, Canada and South America , a market satisfied with our product, identified with our brands NATURAS BEST Y NATURAS PRIDE.

Procesadora del Río S.A operates normally for most of the year, serving "local" copacking orders and exports around the world.

Currently, Procesadora del Río S.A processes around 3'000,000 Lb, which has meant a great expansion of its facilities and a QUALITY CONTROL system that is a guarantee for its clients and consumers.